Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April is here!

Hey everyone... Jonathan writing.

I never updated to let you know about my Spring Break tasks! Well, I accomplished all of the things on that list... except for reading a book. But that one was not a definite. So, I'm still proud of myself.

Since then, we have been to Nashville twice where my parents are moving- once over Spring Break and once over Easter weekend/my birthday weekend. We also got through Spring Fever Week at MC which was a big week with events I was in charge of every night! It was fun, but I'm glad it's over! We've also been working on getting invitations ready to send out, as well as wedding favors. AND, Anna had her first shower which she plans to blog about and post pictures of soon.

So, we've been busy and believe it or not, we are both graduating in 31 days! We are both excited and nervous. I am pretty sure I have secured employment for post-graduation, but I will know for sure soon and hopefully be able to let everyone in on it!

Here are a few pictures from Easter weekend- enjoy!

My nephew Thomas at the Easter Egg hunt at the church:

Thomas and Anna:

Thomas again:

Us and Thomas:

Us on Easter Sunday:

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