Sunday, December 27, 2009


Hey everyone!
We both had a great Christmas spending time with our families and each other! Our favorite gifts... I got Jonathan a Roku box which allows you to view your Netflix Instant Que on your TV as well as lets you rent movies from Amazon. He is in love, of course, since he loves movies! I got a few things from Jonathan: a pretty green ring, a pair of TOMS shoes, a camera case for my new camera from my parents and a few other things. I loved them all! Here's a couple of pictures from Christmas...

Us in front of the tree on Christmas day

Jonathan opening his stocking

Jonathan, Anna and Emily (Anna's sister) all got Patagonia pullovers for Christmas!


Hope everyone had a great Christmas! We are headed to Gatlinburg next week so we will update more after our trip! Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas time!

Hello everyone!

We just wanted to blog about what's been going on in our lives leading up to Christmas day! We are both so thankful to be on a break from school.

These are coasters we made for the people Jonathan works with at MC. We made several sets of these!

We went to Canton with Jonathan's family to see the lights and walk around the square and go in some of the shops. We of course got an ornament at one of the shops and took a few pictures.

Jonathan's nephew rode the carousel but he didn't really enjoy it much!

These are pictures of our Christmas tree at Jonathan's house. We have bought several ornaments this Christmas season and put this tree together! We are excited to have our own tree next year in our own place!

We hope everyone has a great Christmas day and we will update more after Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Life Lately...

Well, it's been a crazy semester for both of us and we are both thankful is it over and we get to have a break from school!

A lot has happened since our last blog post on our wedding website, so we're going to try and update you on what's been going on. Homecoming at MC was the last weekend of October and Anna was elected Senior Class Maid. I had the opportunity to escort her! We had a lot of fun but it was a crazy weekend. In November, we had one week with three Campus Activities Board events so it was crazy! One of them was Choctaw Fest which was a huge music festival on campus with four music artists- it went really well! Soon after that, we enjoyed Thanksgiving break by staying at home and getting a break from school. The weekend after Thankgsiving we went to New Orleans with friends for Laguna Formal. And finally, we made it through our exams- 5 for me and 6 for Anna! We are both very thankful this busy semester is over! Only one more to go and we will be graduating from college which is so hard to believe and of course- getting married! :)

As far as the wedding goes, we haven't had time to do much, but Anna did pick up her wedding dress over Thanksgiving break. Anna had her first shower a couple of weeks ago- an Ornament Shower thrown by her friends for all of Laguna. She got plenty of Christmas ornaments for our tree next year!

We will also be taking our engagement pictures this Monday (the 21st) which we are very excited about!

Here's some pictures of various things from the past few months. Visit our website ( to see our latest photo album.

Anna & Jonathan at Homecoming Court.White dress & tux = good practice for June 12th!

Rachel, Brittany, Laura Logan, Anna & Allyson at Laguna Formal at the Louisiana Children's Museum in New Orleans.Us at Laguna Formal!

The girls at Anna's Ornament Shower!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


We are very glad you've visited our blog and we hope you'll continue to come back and read about what's happening in our lives! Both of us are senior Marketing majors at Mississippi College in Clinton, MS and we will be graduating in Clinton, Mississippi. We will both graduate in May and will be getting married on June 12, 2010. Check out our wedding website if you want to know more about our big day:! Hope you'll be back to read more soon!