Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tiny Prints Holiday Cards

I wanted to share about the website that we plan on getting our Christmas cards from this year! The website is called Tiny Prints and they have such cute cards! They are offering 50 free prints to bloggers this year and we are excited to post about them!

We really like this card:

Here's the link to it:

It's very cute and funky and different than other cards that you see in the store.

I also really like this one:

Here is the link for it:

It's very simple and I love that the back of the card is patterned too! I think this one would be very unique when people opened it up!

Tiny Prints is awesome- and I'm looking forward to using them for lots of things in the future! You can check out their Holiday cards here!

Now we just have to take a picture for our cards! Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pinterest Challenge: Fall Wreath

Okay, ONE more Pinterest Challenge project! We made this a few weeks ago, but it was Pinterest-inspired so I wanted to share it! 

I orginally saw this wreath on Pinterst: 
See the pin here.

I really liked the moss wreath, but I couldn't find a good sized moss wreath. I read online that a lot of people just cover wreaths in moss... and I didn't really want to spend that much time on the wreath, so I opted for a grapevine wreath instead.

I ordered the burlap ribbon online and get the pumpkins and moss at Michael's and Hobby Lobby!

It looks good on our front door! Can't wait to do some more Pinterest inspired projects for the holidays!

Pinterest Challenge: Burlap Covered Cork Board

We're back with another Pinterest Challenge Project that we recently completed!

We were inspired by a cork board we saw on Aubrey + Lindsay's little HOUSE BLOG. They had made it to go above a desk in their office, we wanted to do the same! In our new house, we're lucky to have a good sized area we use as an office space. It has room for not only our big, retro desk, but also another taller desk that's good for standing at or using a bar stool at. We'll blog about the desk sometime in the future! 

Here's the inspiration picture:

So... we decided we wanted a large cork board above our 2nd desk. We ordered a large cork board off Amazon (this one here). We decided to cover the board in burlap!

Started out by ironing the burlap to get the fold lines out.

I laid the burlap out on the floor after it was ironed. I sprayed the front of the cork board with spray adhesive and laid the cork board down on the cork board. Then, I stapled the excess burlap on the back of the cork board frame.

Next, we wanted to do a trim around the frame of the cork board. We used upholstery tacks from Lowe's. I started out placing them at the corners then halfway on each side.

By the time I had finished, it ended up being about 1 tack for every 1.5 inches.

The tacks had come through the back of the frame, so I taped down the excess burlap which also covered up the pins in the back of the frame.

I think this board turned out really well! We're excited to start "pinning" things up on it- real pinning... not the Pinterest kind- haha! :)

Pinterest Challenge: Mason Jar Lamp

For those of you who like to read blogs, especially those about home decorating, etc., you may have heard about the Pinterest Challenge. It was initiated by Young House Love and a few other bloggers. It's not sponsored by Pinterest- but it's meant to get people actually doing the things they've been pinning on Pinterest!

So, we decided to participate in this fall's edition of the Pinterest Challenge! We actually have a couple of projects that we'll share in three different posts.

The first one is this DIY lamp we found on Pinterest. We immediately thought it would look great in our kitchen! The picture below is from someone else who originally made the lamp (their blog is here).

My mom had an old mason jar and lid, and we found a lamp shade similar to this one (might be the same one) at Target. We bought a light kit at Lowe's and Jonathan put it together! It actually seems to be pretty easy to make a lamp! So, here are some pictures of the process (excuse the poor iPhone quality of these pictures!):

Jonathan started with the Mason Jar and lid...

He drilled a hole in the Mason Jar lid

The light kit comes with "stoppers" (a few different sizes) that fit down in the hole. (You can use old bottles, etc. to make lamps with a kit like this one.)

Then, he put the light kit together and put the shade on!

The lamp looks great in our kitchen!