Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Cards- It's time!

We were very excited to find out about the offer that Shutterfly is promoting for bloggers! Jonathan and I have been looking forward to sending out Christmas cards since last year, when we started to look forward to our first Christmas as a married couple! We have so many cards that we want to send out this year from our friends to our family. Shutterfly always has the cutest cards! So I am excited to be using them this year. Although, this is our first year to use Shutterfly for Christmas cards, we have ordered photo prints, a photo book and a calendar.  I've attached some of our favorite things, including cards! I really liked this card and this card and we love this one a lot. Shutterfly also has the best gift ideas for everyone on your list. Our favorites are the calendars and photo books.  

If you already got your Christmas cards, Shutterfly has cute cards for birthdays, moving announcements, etc. Check them out here. Also, if you are a fellow blogger and want to see more information on this amazing offer, click here!

We've already put up Christmas decorations at our apartment and we are looking forward to the holidays! I'll post pictures soon! Have a great week!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

J&A Designs

I'm so excited that I can finally blog about what Jonathan and I have been spending all of our free time doing lately!!
I told Jonathan one night that I needed a hobby. After 4 years of being really involved in college (especially Senior year), I wasn't used to having free time at night. I needed something to actually keep me busy in my free time! I kept seeing handpainted wooden picture frames in stores and thought surely I can make these! So, that's pretty much where J&A Designs came from. I knew that every year Olde Towne Clinton hosts a Holiday Market where vendors set up booths and handmade or home grown items and that it would be the perfect place to sell these picture frames that I wanted to create.
Jonathan has been SO amazing in helping get this up and running off the ground in time for this Holiday Market.  I guess I never realized how much work this would be and what all would really go into this venture when we started. But, I am proud to say that he has learned how to use a power saw and cuts all the wood himself. At first, we let Home Depot cut all the wood, but finding someone and then actually having them cut the correct measurements has never been easy!  He also sands most of the wood, although I have recently started helping out with this some. He says all the time now, he needs a bigger tool box thanks to this!

Thankfully, Jonathan also has a love for graphic design (he created all of our wedding stationary) and so he's been hard at work perfecting a logo and inserts for the picture frames! He also has been taking the pictures you see of our products. I guess our Marketing degrees are coming in handy! :)
I do most of the painting and sanding and he actually does the assembly and finishes the frames, but occasionally he will help out with the painting if I need him. I love being crafty and feeling accomplished when something is actually finished, so this has been a lot of fun for me!
If you haven't seen any of our finished products, check out our newly created Facebook fan page "J&A Designs". We have a whole album of frames, and other home decor that we have finished and currently we are hard at work getting ready for the Holiday Market so we will have some new pictures to share soon!

The Holiday Market in Olde Towne Clinton is Saturday, November 13th from 9am to 2pm and we'd love for you to stop by and see us at our booth! Christmas is coming up and our items would make perfect gifts!
I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of our finished work!

This is one of several different schools we can customize. Others include: Clinton Arrows, MSU, Ole Miss, USM, University of Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Florida State University, University of Florida, Ohio State University. And if you want another school, we don't have listed we can try to make it!