Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break!

Hello world!

This is Jonathan writing... I'm currently in the airport in Kansas City waiting for a plane. I came to Kansas City with my friend Robert who is also editor of the MC yearbook. We toured the yearbook plant and learned how the yearbooks get made and now we are headed home.

It's spring break (which I'm very thankful for) and if you know me, you know I always make lists and set goals for myself and this week is no different! I wanted to share my goals with the blogging world so that hopefully someone asks me if I got them accomplished. So... Here they are:

1. I want to apply for at least 6 jobs and maybe up to 8! I already have several I'm planning on applying for, but I need to find a few more. This goal is a must since graduation is less than 2 months away.

2. Help Anna with wedding stuff which includes:
- helping her with the wedding favors (which we actually have already done a lot)
- ordering the invitations and helping Anna finish the handmade part of them
- finding out where we will be renting the wedding tuxes and lettig my groomsmen and ushers know
- paying for and picking up our wedding rings

3. File my taxes!

4. Get some stuff done for CAB especially spring fever week and the movie night coming up (for those of you who don't know- the MC SGA and CAB will be showing The Blind Side on the brick streets on Friday, March 26th so come out to see it- MC students or Clinton residents!)

5. My goal was to read a book over the break, but I'm still not sure if I'll be able to do that... We will see!

As far as other plans, Anna and I might be going to the Nashville area to see my parents at the end of the week! So, that's my spring break!

So, if you see me after spring break, keep me accountable and ask me if I met my goals!


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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our New Apartment!

We have finally taken some pictures of our apartment! Jonathan is already living in the apartment and I will be moving in June after the wedding! We have done some decorating, but there is still a lot to do! So for all of you who have kept saying you want to see the apartment, here is the official photo tour! Sorry this is such a long post, but there are several pics to look at!

Below those pictures are some pictures from a recent DIY project we did!

Apartment D-7... and Jonathan's shadow!

The living room! The bigger couch will be coming when I move out of my apartment in May.

The kitchen table! Ignore those ugly curtains- cute ones coming soon!

The sides of the kitchen!

My daisies which Jonathan gave me for my birthday!

The microwave cart!


The bedroom! Ignore the blue bedding... that will change when I move in!

The office / extra bedroom!

Wedding stuff in the extra bedroom! Lots to do over spring break!

My grandparents recently gave us these two old chairs and table to put on our front porch at our apartment. We used this beautiful weekend to paint the chairs! Here are the before and after photos:

The two chairs and table before...

The table before...

Me painting... I'm a much better spray painter than Jonathan... :)

The chairs and table... AFTER! On the front porch at the apartment!

With cute new outdoor pillows from Target!

Chair & pillow close up!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's been so long!

Hello everyone!

It's been so long since we blogged! Life has continued, even though our blogging has not!

Well, Jonathan moved in to our new apartment and got settled in. We are enjoying decorating, and making it home. It's located in Clinton and we really like it a lot! It's so cute and quaint! :)

We also got our engagement pictures back from Robby Followell (followellfotography.com) which we love! We have posted a couple below, but you can go to gallery.me.com/jonathanjdnutt to view all of them!

We celebrated my birthday which is my favorite day of the year! Jonathan took me out to eat and I also got to celebrate with my family and friends.

The wedding is quickly approaching! We are busy working on wedding favors and invitations and all the other details that have to get done, but we are still very excited! Our last semester of college is slipping by which is so hard to believe- we will be graduating in just a little more than two months! But, before that, we get to have spring break in a couple weeks- yay!

Enjoy the pictures below and don't forget to check out our engagement pictures on gallery.me.com/jonathanjdnutt

Pictures of the new apartment coming soon! :)