Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I have a job after graduation!

Hey everyone!

This is Jonathan writing to tell everyone about some recent news in my life! After a few months of waiting, hoping and praying, it is official that I will be working at MC (Mississippi College) next year!

Anna and I will be moving to College Plaza apartments in July where I will be a Resident Director. For those of you who don't know, College Plaza is a part of MC Residence Life but is not actually on campus- it's about a block away. I will also be working about 30 hours per week in the Office of Enrollment Management & Student Affairs where I've been working for the past several years. I will continue to do a lot of the stuff I've been doing- publications, preparing presentations, working on the new student website, etc.

As for this summer, in between the wedding, honeymoon and other travels, I will be working full time in that office at MC. We are both very excited that I have something next year. Also, I will be able to start work on a graduate degree in the fall since I will be employed full time by MC. We are both very thankful to MC (for hiring me) and of course to God for answering our prayers about post-graduation employment.

So, there's my good news! Only three more full weeks until graduation and then only a month after that, we're getting married- it's all almost here!

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