Friday, October 21, 2011

Our House: Why We Love it + The Outside

So... we said weeks ago we were going to blog about our new house after we closed on it... and we never did! But, we have been a little busy! We were at the Canton Flea Market last week- which went very well- but leading up to that, we were working like crazy to get ready for it! And now, we're busy with orders and getting ready for the Olde Towne Market in Clinton next month... but we wanted to take a few minutes to tell you why we decided to buy this house, as well as share a few photos of the outside of the house.

Okay... so, we said in a previous post that we were not expecting to buy a house, but this house came on the market and we knew we had to go look at it.  Since this house was in my parent's neighborhood, I'd driven by it for years and always liked it. And once we saw the house inside, we knew we loved it! We made an offer a couple days later... and soon, it was ours!

So... reasons we love our house:

1. It's older... but it's in good shape! So it has the charm of an older home, but it doesn't have a ton of work to do right now.

2. It sits right on a beautiful lake. When you look at our front window... you see water and we love it!

3. Hardwood floors in most of the house!

4. TWO WALK-IN CLOSETS in the very good sized master suite! Need I say more?

5. The workshop building that was already in the back yard- perfect for Jonathan's tools and making frames!

These are just a few of the reasons we love our house... as we share more pictures of the inside, we'll tell you about other things we love. But for now, we'll leave you with some pictures of the outside and front of our new house!

Here's a shot of the front of our house!

This is our view out the front window and from our front door!

Close up shot of our front door and fall decorations!

These ducks live on the lake and Jonathan likes to feed them.

These two are always the most hungry! The white one will practically stand on your feet begging for food!

So... there's a few pictures for now. More to come later! Have a great weekend!

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  1. i can't wait to see the updated inside! I know its so different than what I remember from 20 years ago! (wow I am old) I have a great story about those ducks, my cousin, and "lunch" remind me to tell you one day!