Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Many Homes of J&A: Part 1

The title of this post may make you think that we currently have many homes... but that's not quite what we mean. We mean the many homes we've had over the past 19 months (right before we got married, and since we've been married).

If you know us, you know we've moved several times since we got married last summer! So... before we make our next (and final- at least for quite a while) big move at the beginning of next week, we wanted to share the places we've lived since we got married. This post is "Part 1" because we will (hopefully) post "Part 2" next week once we move in to our new house!! 

Home #1: Meadow Oaks Apartment

We got this apartment before we got married, thinking we'd live there after we got married for a year or so. We really liked this had a big living room, a good size kitchen- with washer and dryer hookups!

But, before we even graduated from MC, we found out Jonathan would be a Resident Director, also know as an "RD" at MC... so we moved out of this apartment and actually, our friend Zach moved in!

Home #2: The Temporary College Plaza Apartment

When Jonathan moved out of our first apartment (this was before the wedding), he had to move in to a temporary apartment at College Plaza (the apartment complex MC uses where Jonathan was the RD). This was a one bedroom apartment, and thank goodness it was temporary!

A few weeks after the wedding, we were able to move in to the RD Apartment at College Plaza. 

Home #3: The College Plaza Apartment

The College Plaza Apartment was a 2 bedroom apartment. The kitchen had vintage wallpaper that we actually liked! It was also the birthplace of J&A Designs! It's hard for us to imagine having to still make frames in that small of a space, but we did make a few.

Early in the Fall, the RD in the freshmen boys dorm left, and Jonathan took his place. Which meant we packed up again!

Home #4: Chrestman Hall

I never thought I'd live in a freshmen boys' dorm, but I did! We lived in an apartment in Chrestman Hall at MC for 8 months! And we worked on a lot of picture frames in this apartment! This apartment was home to the smallest kitchen ever! It was about the size of a walk-in closet. But, the bedrooms in this apartment were huge! 

Home #5: The Rental House

So, when Jonathan decided to leave MC, it meant we had to find a place to live! And we found a town house to rent in Clinton. We thought we'd be in this town house at least a year, maybe two. This town house has been great because it had a garage that we could work in and make frames, plus it had enough room for an office and a work room for painting frames.

So, that brings us to now! We weren't planning on buying a house any time soon. We'd actually looked before we decided to rent the town house, but we couldn't find anything we loved in Clinton- and we wanted to stay here in Clinton. We knew we wanted something older that had some character, but that was updated enough that we wouldn't have to do a TON of work on it. I've always loved the neighborhood my parents live in- not only because I grew up there, but because it's very pretty and quiet. A little over a month ago, we'd been talking again about how we wished we could buy a house, but because of our lease, as well as not being able to find anything, it just wasn't in the picture right now. Then, on a Friday, a house went up for sale in my parents' neighborhood. We called that day and scheduled to come see the house on Sunday. After walking through the house for a few minutes, we knew we wanted it! On Monday, we made an offer on it, and the offer was accepted by the end of the week! 

The past month has been crazy as we've been making frames for upcoming markets and orders, signing lots of papers along the way involving the house and packing up our stuff this week! We close on the house on Monday and we couldn't be more excited! 

So... more on our new house after we close next week- including some pictures! 

Happy Thursday and have a great weekend!

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