Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Craigslist Roundup!

Okay... so I've had an idea to do (maybe) weekly posts on cool Craigslist finds for the week here in the Jackson area. I was inspired by Apartment Therapy's posts they put up weekly of finds like this one in big cities ( NY, LA, DC, Chicago etc.) Most of their finds are awesome pieces... but the big cities usually have MANY more listings... so there's bound to be awesome stuff there.

But, every once in a while, there are some good pieces listed on Craigslist in the Jackson area. We've written before (here) about how much we love consignment shops, antique stores, and especially Craigslist. At least once a day, one of us scouts out the current furniture listings on Craigslist. So... here are a few things we found that we thought were worth sharing.

Check out these great bookshelves we found in this post. They are "Legal Style" as the post says with glass doors on the front- much cooler than your basic bookshelf. And these are only $40 a piece!

These chairs would look great re-done- even just spray painted with new cushions! They are only $50 for the pair!

How about 4 of these chairs for only $50? So what if they don't have a seat? You can always make some seats when you only pay $50 for 4! And this is CHEAP- we've been looking for chairs!

These dressers are a little expensive- but really pretty! $400 for the set and these are at the Flowood Flea Market (we think)- one of the places we've blogged about before as a great place to find antiques! Several places (Forget Me Nots in Brandon, Flea Market in Flowood, 49 S. Antiques & Flea Market and the Flea Market in Clinton occasionally list new items on Craigslist.)

This dining set is only $75 and it could easily be re-painted! Pretty sure this is at the Flowood Flea Market too!

 We've been looking for a new dresser- so usually if the listing title has anything about a dresser we click through to see what it is! This antique dresser is only $80 and includes the mirror!

This one is only $60! We'd probably call these people- but it's located a little to far for us to drive.

HOW COOL is this?!? Who doesn't want a little restaurant booth for their house? Only $75 too!

This Farmhouse Table looks famiar! I recognize the picture from when we bought our Farmhouse table (although this one is 8 feet instead of 6). This couple handmakes these tables and sells them from their house.

Anna has been looking for a vanity now that we'll have a master bedroom with room for one (the same master bedroom that has TWO walk-in closets- I'M SO EXCITED!) She found this one the other day and we picked it up today! We'll probably repaint it soon after we move!

Although you can find some cool stuff on Craigslist... there's a lot of junk too. Like this chair:

If you like one of these pieces, we encourage you to try out Craigslist for yourself- but since we haven't talked to any of the owners of these items- we have no idea if the items are still available.

And since we're talking about Craigslist here... I'll leave you with the general rules we go by when buying off Craigslist (the ones we originally mentioned in this post):

1. When you find out the person's name who has the item- be a stalker! Look them up on Facebook- make sure they don't look completely creepy on Facebook. Although they could be creepy in real life, even if they look normal on Facebook- at least you can maybe see what they look like and find out a few things about them. 

2. If you decide to purchase something and you're going to pick it up at their house- look it up on Google maps. Find out what neighborhood it's in. Make sure you're not going to a sketchy area of town.

3. When you go to pick something up- take someone with you. We always go together or Jonathan takes someone with him to help him.

4. Tell some other people where you're going- in case anything did happen. Although, usually these transactions happen pretty smoothly- you'd better be safe than sorry. So let someone else know where you are headed to pick up an item, the person's name who has the item, etc.

5. Take cash to pay for your item. Most sellers expect cash only anyway, but you don't want to have to worry about a stranger cashing your check in a timely manner, etc.

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