Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It is Fall yet, ya'll?

Okay... we couldn't help using that tacky title. Oh well... So, you guessed it, this post is about FALL! Several of the blogs we typically read have been talking about Fall lately! And we are no different- we're ready for fall too. So we just wanted to share some reasons why and also share some things we found via Pinterest.

So...some of the reasons we love fall!

1. Hands down, fall WEATHER! This is more my (Jonathan) favorite part than Anna's considering when Fall comes around, Anna has to put her sandals and sundresses away. But I, on the other hand love putting on a pullover, putting my shorts away and spending more time outdoors when the weather is cooler! Especially considering the BRUTAL, hot summer we've had in Mississippi this year. And yes, we are still having heat indexes of 100 this week! The cooler weather also means the garage stays cooler when I'm out there making frames!

2. One of Anna's favorite parts of the Fall season are the decorations! Here's some inspiration she's been pinning on Pinterest. And of course they mostly involve pumpkins.

This is such a cool look for a fall fireplace!

Anna loves candy corn so she loved these pumpkins, of course! 

 Check out these house number pumpkins!

 Pumpkin scarecrow!

Anna also loves these pilgrims and turkey that she ordered from this Etsy Shop not long ago.

Last year was the first time we ever tried carving pumpkins, but we'll hopefully get to try it out again this year!

3. One of our favorite parts about fall: FALL FOOD! You know... pumpkin pie, candy corn, homemade chex mix, halloween candy... yum!

Probably my favorite fall/winter snack: Chex Mix. The homemade kind- not the kind you buy in a bag. The great thing about is that you can put anything in Chex Mix you want. I like peanuts and pretzels, unlike my sister, Bekah, who will sit and eat everything in the bowl except the peanuts!

 These look good! Pumpkin Cheesecake muffins

Two bundt cakes made in to a pumpkin!

And... this recipe which I actually already tried (because we're THAT ready for fall)! It's just a boxed cake mix and a can of pumpkin puree. It couldn't be easier. It also has a recipe for an apple cider glaze which I also tried- but it was still only 3 ingredients! Needless to say, we ate it all- it was good. :)

3. Fall Style. This is Anna's territory, so I'll let her take over this part of the post. 
Although I prefer summer clothes, I do appreciate Fall Style. One of my favorite things- darker colored nail polish appropriate for the changing season!

 And this green color, which Jonathan actually picked out for me when he got his haircut today!

And I love all of these looks: the dress, the cardigan, purse and boots! I stole this from Sally Garcia!

It's Jonathan again... I'll throw in that my fall style usually involves some kind of Patagonia jacket, like this one that I got for Christmas last year!

4. Fall COLORS. Whether it's the changing colors of the trees or just colors in general, it's a different feel than other seasons. We have some frames that look good for fall! 

Mustard & Gray

 Dark Brown, Mustard & Antique White

 Dark Brown & Paprika

Frame Set in Celery Green, Dark Brown & Khaki

5. And one of the last reasons we love Fall so much... because you-know-what is around the corner... THE HOLIDAY SEASON! And who doesn't love Thanksgiving and Christmas?! Here's a few favorite pins from our Christmas Board!

A Burlap Wreath Tutorial that Anna wants to try from All Things Thrifty.

A cool ornament holder made from an old window!

So... there's some of the reasons we love fall. We're also looking forward to some markets that J&A Designs will be at (mentioned in this post), and we're looking forward to something that we can hopefully share with you on here soon!

For more inspiration...
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And look around on Pinterest too- there's lots of good ideas being pinned all the time!

So, we hope we you're as excited as we are! If we can only get through this hot weather and stumble upon some nice, Fall temps!

Have a great rest of the week!


  1. I love fall too! Being from Mississippi, sometimes winter is too cold (50 degrees in humidity is a different beast that 50 degrees in the dry air), and summer is definitely too hot. I love the food. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, too! Ah, you guys made me excited for the season change!

  2. Oh my goodness your stuff is soooo cute!!!! All of it. I love it!!!! Thanks for sharing.....

  3. I am so obsessed with the holiday stuff on Pinterest, too! I'm totally heading over to check out your boards! I had seen a couple of these pics, but can't wait to check out the rest!!