Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ugly Electronics... Gone!

Hello again! We wanted to share a little project we had been planning to do for a while, and finally got around to it this weekend. We got a great antique dresser soon after we moved in to our new place that we had been eying at When Pigs Fly in Old Towne Clinton for a while (the same place we got the antique cart we showed in this post). We loved this dresser and knew it would look great in our living room holding our TV! And some day down the road, it could be used in another room if we decide we don't want our TV on it.

When we bought it, we figured the electronic boxes (DVD player, cable box, etc.) would just sit beside the TV but we didn't really realize how many of those annoying boxes we had. In all, we've got:

  • cable box
  • internet modem
  • router
  • DVD player
  • Roku player (streams Netflix, Amazon Video, etc.) and...
  • Apple TV
So the dresser has been looking like this for a while: 


Well, our friend Lawren had actually suggested we research an IR (infrared) Extender System a while back. So Jonathan researched them online and found one, we just waited a while to purchase one. Last week he got it ordered and we finally got it set up. 

The system basically has one main sensor that you can point all of your remotes at, and smaller sensors placed near your electronics transmit the signals. This type of thing is made for people that may have a cabinet of media stuff (like if your TV was above the fire place) but it works great for us too!

Jonathan drilled holes in the back of the dresser for the cords (even if we decide to use the dresser as an actual dresser some day, no one will ever see the holes since they'll be up against a wall). 

Then he put the electronics in the top three drawers

The router still works perfectly even though it's inside the dresser! When we want to watch a DVD will be about the only time we will really have to open up a drawer. The IR Extender works great and now I don't have to look at all those ugly electronics. Just the TV and the beautiful dresser!

We wanted to share this because we know other people might experience the same type of problem- wanting to hide your electronic components- or maybe you are using a dresser as a TV console as well.
Check out the Logitech IR Extender System we used below! Happy Tuesday!

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