Monday, July 4, 2011

DIY Art Prints

Well, here we are. Bloggin' again. I mentioned in our last post here that I would tell you about the prints hanging above the desk in the office. I've had this calendar of vintage New York prints for a while. I always said, "I'll do something cool with these prints some day." And I actually did it!

I picked my three favorites out of the twelve to go up on the wall

We got these frames at Target to use. They are simple and matched the office pretty well.

The frames had white mattes with them, but we decided that white wouldn't look that good with the prints, so I spray painted them gray. Then, I just cut the prints to go behind the mattes.

The end result ended up looking really good! The best part? It was pretty cheap and we did it ourselves!

My favorite print is the one in the middle- a vintage map of Manhattan. Unfortunately, this picture is a little blurry!

So, there's my DIY art above my desk! I think it matches the rest of the office really well! I didn't mention in the office tour the iMac on my desk, but you can see it in this picture. I was lucky enough to get this computer recently to help make J&A Designs operations go a little smoother! I was excited Anna finally agreed to let me get it! :)

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