Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We're workin' on the site!

Hello all!

We have had a busy couple of months! Between the Canton Flea Market, finishing up my time as a Resident Director and moving to a new house, it has been a crazy end to our first year of marriage. During these couple busy months, I (Jonathan) have neglected our J&A Designs website, therefore we are taking some time to do some updating, change some things and get it ready to be bigger and better than before!

So, here's how you can keep up with us while our website is on hiatus:
- Check out our Facebook Page. We update it with pictures and information on a daily basis. And as you probably know, we like to do fun giveaways on our Facebook Page!
- Return here soon! Keep up with us by coming back to this blog!
- Contact us by emailing anna@jandadesigns.net if you need a frame- whether it be something we have in our inventory, or a special order you have in mind!

Speaking of special orders...
We want them! We want to make a frame (or even frames) for you!
Something unique made with your color choices to put in your home? We're good at that!
Wedding gift? Yep, we can do that.
Baby shower gift? Of course!
Shower host/hostess gifts? Yep, we do those.
Bridesmaids / wedding party gifts? Yes!
Birthday presents? Yes, those too.
Any other occasion that requires a super cool, fun and unique gift? Why, of course!

So, email anna@jandadesigns.net so we can get started on your special order today!

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