Monday, June 6, 2011

J&A Designs In Our Home

 It's been a while, and many things have happened since I last blogged a couple of months ago. But I'll save all of that for another blog post- or several!
One of the most important and exciting things that we have done in the past couple months is move AGAIN. We have now moved 4 times in the year we have been married. I think it's probably a record & one we don't plan to add to anytime soon. As most of you know, Jonathan spent the last year as a Resident Director at MC, so we lived in school apartments & the freshman boys dorm. When we started our business, we had NO idea how quickly we would outgrow the space we had. Not to mention the fact that we had no outdoor space that was just ours.
So for at least the next year, probably two, this is our home. A cute little townhouse in Clinton!

I said all of that to talk about something we have wanted to do since we started our business, and we are finally taking the time to do it! Surprisingly, all this time we have been making frames we've never made one for our own home! But that's about to change! We are planning on filling a huge, blank, white wall we have in our living/dining area with a collage of frames. Here is our big blank wall we can't wait to fill with fun frames:

This is inspiration for what we plan to do in our house, but of course with our own frames:

We have already started mapping out what we want it to look like and I cannot wait to blog and reveal the finished look - hopefully in just a few weeks! When we finish ours, we will be glad to come do it at your house next ;)

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