Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Forget Me Nots

In a dream world, we would have a house full of Pottery Barn type furniture. But since that's not really possible, Jonathan and I love going to consignment furniture stores and seeing what kind of treasures we can kind. Recently on Facebook I came across a consignment furniture store called Forget Me Nots in Brandon.  Check out their Facebook  page! They post pictures of the items they have for sale and the prices are always great!
In the past month, we have made 3 really awesome purchases from there! The first time we went, we didn't have anything specific in mind, we just went to check it out. As we were leaving, Jonathan spotted this bench for only $35 that he convinced me we needed and I'm so glad we bought it.

We decided it is perfect for the end of our bed. Right now it is just a cream color, but soon (when the weather is actually nice) we plan to refinish it.  Currently our quilt is just a solid brown, but we love this quilt from Target and hope to own it in the near future. We plan to paint the bench the gray/taupe color to match it.
Yesterday, we went to Forget Me Nots for the second time, but this was a planned trip. We each had a piece we wanted to own. We got both pieces we wanted and for just a little over $100!!
Jonathan's purchase was a new desk chair, which we really did need. Our plastic Ikea desk chair has had a nice life and it's time to give it up.
Like I said in our dream world, we would buy everything from Pottery Barn. So ideally this is what we wanted. Keep in mind  both are $399 (without the cushion)!

 And this is what we purchased for only $69!!!

It's in really great condition and we are so excited about this awesome deal!
My purchase was not the practical purchase we can use now, but for $45 I just couldn't pass up this great deal that will one day look great in our home!

The top and part of the front are a wicker and the rest is wood. Once we actually have a place for it, I will pick a fun color to paint and distress it! I can't wait!I will definitely blog about the projects as they are finished/given a place in our home!

On another note, it's February - which is my birthday month and I changed the blog background to go along with it!  As my family and Jonathan know well, I love to countdown to my birthday! It's 19 days away in case you were wondering! :)